In order to preserve the integrity and quality of the precision work we do. It is imperative that we measure a variety of tolerances when checking parts.

Our process of first article inspection is instrumental prior to starting the operation. This form of risk mitigation allows both the Operator and Quality Specialist to have a plan in place prior to beginning production.  Additionally, we check consistency throughout the run with random component sampling. Finally, we complete a production lot inspection to ensure your precision grinding components are finished to your specifications. Our state of the art equipment such as the MMQ 400, CS-3200, and MicroVu allow for a detailed examination:

  • Our Geometric Gauging is capable of measuring roundness and concentricity down to .00001″.
  • Laser micrometers deliver repeatability to .00002″ and accuracy of .00001″ with single point re-mastering.

Four Stage Quality Control

By utilizing a scheduled maintenance program for our precision grinding machines, we ensure that you are getting your work done on exceptionally well-kept equipment that can provide the detailed specifications of your project over and over again.  Quality control is maximized with our multilevel inspection process, including:

  • First Article Inspection
  • In-Process Inspection
  • Random Sampling
  • Final Production Lot Inspection


We stand behind the work we do with confidence and pride. If you would like component run inspections documented and shared with you, just let our team know when you place your order. We will happily document and share the results of our inspections so you can feel certain that your project is being completed the way it needs to be