Welcome to Asteroid Precision, Illinois’ homegrown honing and precision grinding company. We’ve been serving the greater Midwest region with integrity and execution since 1966. During our 50-plus years of providing cutting-edge surfaces and accurately finished components to your clients, we have earned a reputation for being specialists in the medical, defense, aerospace, hydraulic, and automotive sectors — and for good reasons. From the continual training that we provide for our Machine Operators to the dedication we employ in acquiring the most advanced CNC grinding and honing machines available, we consistently produce reliable results and quality finished parts to our customers. If you have a precision honing job that has exacting specifications and requires the attention of an expert team, contact Asteroid Precision today.

What is Honing?

Honing is a finishing process used on the surface — either exterior or bored — of a component to perfect the geometry and finish so it can perform as required. Honing creates the exact final sizing of a core and can create the desired finish or even pattern on a surface. The process of honing is enacted through the use of degradable stone applied to the surface of the component to achieve the desired finish. These stones can be rotated and/or reciprocated to create the necessary pressure for the right kind of finishing hone.

By removing the stock, creating the proper surface, and providing for extremely accurate straightness and roundness, proper honing promotes an optimal liquid flow across the interior or exterior of a component as well as reducing friction, shearing, and stress against other parts.

Why Choose Asteroid Precision?

Asteroid Precision is one of many precision grinding companies that can accept your job. However, unlike many other grinding companies, Asteroid Precision has decades of success, a proven track record of consistency and reliability, and a shop full of machines and Operators that are second to none. Our ability to meet the most exacting standards with extreme accuracy is just one of the many characteristics of our company that has earned us our stellar reputation. We are confident that if you choose our Illinois based precision grinding and honing company for your next job, you’ll find a service you will use for life.

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Our Experience

There is an incredible amount to be said for industry experience and success, and Asteroid Precision has a bounty of both. Few other precision grinding companies have been in business for as long as we have, and even fewer have handled the volume, complexity, and breadth of work that we have managed with unparalleled success. Our constant investment in training and the development of our Machine Operators allows us to get the very best out of both the machines and the people we employee on the behalf of our clients.

Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

One thing that has remained a focus of us for all 50-plus years of our company’s storied history is a dedication to utilizing the most recent and most capable honing technology and equipment on the market. By stocking out machine shop with the best machines and ensuring that our Operators are trained the highest level, we continue to be able to turn out the best OEM components possible and provide our client’s with results that meet their — and our — standards. Some of the honing machines that our team uses include:

  • Engis Multi-Stations
  • Engis SPM 8000s
  • And More

In addition to our expertly trained Machine Operators and state-of-the-art equipment, we also make sure to use the best quality and most appropriate honing components, lubricants, and coolants on every job to provide the best results possible.

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Our Unrivaled Inspection Process

In order to preserve the integrity and the quality of the work we do, we employ an unrivaled inspection process on every production run we handle. First article inspections, random sampling, and a complete and thorough final production lot review are all standard operating procedure at Asteroid Precision, allowing you to have confidence in the quality of the finished OEM components you will receive.

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To learn more about our precision honing and grinding services or to discuss your current needs for a job, contact a member of our team by calling or filling out a form online. We look forward to showing you why we’ve earned such high praise from our clients and throughout the precision grinding industry.