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Precision Cylindrical Grinding

Asteroid Precision was founded in 1966 and has been providing industry-leading precision grinding services to the aerospace, medical, defense, automotive, and hydraulic industries ever since. 

In 50-plus years, we have gained a reputation as the premier cylindrical grinding company for OEM partnership. Our advanced and ongoing training for our operators, as well as our most advanced precision grinding technology, has allowed us to remain at the forefront of providing our clients with consistently reliable results and accurately ground components. 

 If you have a cylindrical grinding project that requires strict attention to detail and a team committed to excellence, then contact us to learn more. 

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What is Cylindrical Grinding?

Cylindrical grinding is an important process used to achieve a finished grind on both the outside and inside of a workpiece. In addition to creating a high-quality finish with incredible accuracy, CNC cylindrical grinding also has the added benefit of allowing for high-volume production and the grinding of complex curved surfaces. 

Cylindrical grinding is achieved by traversing the grinder along the surface of the work object, but it can also be used to create plunge cuts for narrower features on a given component. When cylindrical grinding is chosen as the method for an internal grind, the workpiece can be held in a chuck.

Cylindrical grinding is essentially characterized by 4 different actions:

  • The grinding wheel is constantly in a state of rotation

  • The grinding wheel feeds both away and toward the object

  • The object is in a constant state of rotation

  • The object and grinding wheel are traversed in respect to the other

Besides being a versatile and highly accurate form of precision grinding, cylindrical grinding can also be applied to components that have already been hardened or have received an application of hard coating. 

The types of components that we use cylindrical grinding for include hydraulic cylinder shafts, rollers, bearing journals, cores, retainer pins, transmission shafts, and other hardened components.

Our Experience

Asteroid Precision brings over 50 years of experience to our network of aerospace, medical, defense and industrial partners. Since opening our doors in 1966, we have developed new methods and processes to provide the highest quality precision components to our customers.

If you are interested in our cylindrical grinding services, please contact us to learn more.


Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Asteroid Precision, we insist on acquiring the most technologically-advanced and accurate cylindrical grinding machines in order to provide the best results for our customers. To ensure that we use these machines to their greatest extent, we provide ongoing training for all of our operators. Some of the cylindrical grinding machines that our skilled team use include:

  • Toyoda CNC Cylindrical Grinders

  • Studer Favorits

  • And More

To ensure we are producing the best OEM components for our customers, we also use the highest quality and job appropriate grinding wheels, lubricants, and coolants with all of our CNC cylindrical grinding machines.

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