Why Asteroid?

Asteroid Precision is committed to providing the absolute highest standards in OEM component production with our industry-leading Swiss CNC Machining and precision grinding services. We have more than 50 years of experience servicing precision components for the most recognized names in the medical, aerospace, defense, and industrial sectors.

We Hold The Highest Quality Standards.

Asteroid Precision has over 50 years in the industry that has allowed us to gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the variety of industries that we serve. Our experienced and highly trained Machine Operators have been our foundation since our doors opened in 1966. Our continued success in delivering quality and consistent results can be attributed to the ongoing training programs we provide to our employees. Our quality processes and procedures not only assure the integrity of the components we service, but have facilitated our designation as a certified supplier to major OEMs.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We Are Innovative.

We are continually investing in new technologies to improve lead times, cost and quality such as our OGP Vision System for measurement validation. We are seen as a trusted partner within the industries we serve because we constantly look for better ways to apply methods and technologies that move your product forward.

We Are Reliable.

Our dedication to proven quality has ensured that above 95% of our sales are return customers.

Ask Some Of Our Customers.

Bison Gear, DR Guns, Sun Hydraulics, Sauer Danfoss.